• First Ride

    Never even been around a motorcycle before? First Ride gives you a “taste” of what’s it’s like to operate one. Ride OUR bikes.

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  • Basic RiderCourse updated

    For those with very little or no riding experience. Ride OUR bikes.

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  • Intermediate Rider Training updated

    You know how to operate a motorcycle, but maybe it’s been a while? Ride OUR bikes OR your own, you choose.

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  • Additional Riding Session

    A few more hours “in the saddle” under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

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  • On-Street Course updated

    Learn to spot potential hazards to be better prepared “out there”.

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  • Advanced Rider Course

    For the serious rider who’s ready to learn advanced riding techniques.

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  • Basic Sidecar/Trike Course

    No riding experience needed. OUR bike or yours.

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  • Advanced Sidecar/Trike Course

    for 3W riders who are experienced enough that they don’t need the Basic S/TEP course

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  • Testing Sessions

    We do the Written and Riding Tests for the Department of Licensing during Testing Sessions. You MUST schedule and pay for a test ahead of time.

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