Class Fees

$125 with WA Driver’s License or Active Duty Military. Some classes, or seats within classes, will be at an UNSUBSIDIZED rate of up to $325 due to the limited subsidy funding available from the DoL. Everyone who registers for these classes, regardless of age, will pay the unsubsidized rate listed on the registration page.  Note: If you are under the age of 18, you pay $50.00 for a SUBSIDIZED seat.

Also Note For Students Under 18: You must be accompanied on the first day of class by a parent or legal guardian who must sign the Release of Liability Waiver with the instructor as witness.

Out of State Driver’s License – $325

Please see our FAQ page for a description/explanation of the difference between Subsidized and Unsubsidized seats in a class.

Class Times

          *ending times are approximate

Got The Gear?

Before showing up for your first class, be sure to read our policies and required riding gear.

Required Gear


2-DAY FORMAT: 8am – 6pm* both days (Mornings in the CLASSROOM/Afternoons on the RANGE)

3-DAY FORMAT: Day-1 – 6pm to 9pm* in the CLASSROOM, Day-2 – 8am to 6pm*(Morning on the RANGE/Afternoon in the CLASSROOM), Day-3 – 8am to 2pm* on the RANGE

The Basic Sidecar/Trike Course (S/TEP) is a 16 hour curriculum for beginning riders. The course assumes that the student knows little or nothing about 3-wheeled motorcycles. The course progresses through basic skills training, street survival strategies, and some advanced level skills training. It finishes with both written and riding tests that will waive testing at the DoL for your 3-wheeled motorcycle endorsement. Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety offers this class in both 2-day and 3-day formats. There is no difference in course content between the two formats.

You cannot be late for any portion of this class. We cannot and will not “catch you up”. The curriculum does not allow the time to do this.

Sidecar and Trike Requirements:

We will have sidecar units and trikes available for student use. Many of these rigs are on loan from various dealers and all rigs will be shared between students during the class. Students are encouraged to bring their own rigs to classes. However, they must meet all of the following criteria in order to be used in our classes:

  • The rig must have 3 wheels. (Voyager and Tow-Pac kits attached to a 2-wheel bike are not suitable for this training since they have 4 wheels.)
  • The rig must be steered by handlebars.
  • The rig must be constructed such that the driver sits astride the engine or the drivetrain.
  • The rig must pass a safety inspection by the instructor, who will examine the following: sturdy construction of all attachment points with all connections properly tightened, all controls functional and in good condition, all lights and safety equipment functional, tires and wheels in good shape and capable of supporting the stresses they will be exposed to during the class
  • The rig must be insured to the minimum liability limits available in WA. The instructor must see proof of insurance and ownership at the class.
  • The first 10 riding exercises require ballast in all sidecars. This is normally accomplished by having one of the other students ride in the sidecar. If you don’t want anyone in your personal sidecar, you must bring at least 50 lbs. of removable ballast in your sidecar. (Sandbags or water jugs that can be secured so that they don’t slide around are most common.)
  • A Piaggio MP3 cannot be ridden in the 3-wheel class due it’s ability to lean and countersteer like a 2-wheel motorcycle. It can be ridden in a 2-wheel class.


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