The OSC has been updated this year to be more effective. PNW Motorcycle Safety is proud to be the only school in Washington offering this updated version of the curriculum.

Class Fee: Up to $249


CLASS TIMES: Morning – 8:00am-5:00pm* (unless otherwise noted on the schedule page)
*ending times are approximate

Got The Gear?

Before showing up for your first class, be sure to read our policies and required riding gear.

Required Gear


We are proud of our commitment to offer the motorcycling public multiple levels of training for riders of all types of motorcycles, including trikes and sidecar rigs.

The On-Street Course (OSC) is an opportunity for new riders to get familiar with being on the street, as well as for more experienced riders to enhance their street riding skills. Class size is limited to no more than 4 students at a time, with 2 instructors, in order to ensure as much personal attention as possible for each rider. The general themes of this course are:

  • Personalized feedback to improve your street skills
  • Using mental perception strategies to anticipate hazards
  • Situational awareness all around the rider
  • Dynamic lane positioning
  • Focus on minimizing risk and managing it on the street

The OSC begins with approximately an hour in the classroom where students will get the necessary paperwork done and be briefed on what to expect for the rest of the day.

The class then moves to the training range for a couple of skill enhancing exercises to verify that students have the necessary skills to safely continue in the class, and to learn a few new techniques.

Riders will be fitted with radios to use for communication with the instructors during the on-street portion, as well as hi-viz vests to make it easier to identify the group in traffic.

Then the fun begins. Students will be taken out onto public roads on up to 3 different routes, each of which are progressively more challenging. We begin with light traffic areas on the first route; then move to more commercial, heavier traffic areas; and finish with a freeway experience. (NOTE: if a student is uncomfortable continuing, or in the opinion of the instructors it would not be safe for a student to continue, they will be escorted back to the training site.)

NOTE: Passengers are not allowed on student’s motorcycles during this class.

DO IT YOUR WAY!! We will run this class with at least two students. If you and a friend or relative would like to take a one day ON STREET COURSE give us a call and we can take a closer look at our schedule to find a date that fits your schedule. Your group (up to 4 total students) must register and pay at the same time to guarantee the minimum number of students required. Call us at 360-779-6378.



  1. This course is for motorcycle (2-wheeled or 3-wheeled) endorsed/licensed riders ONLY.
  2. Required Riding Apparel:
    • DOT certified helmet (3/4 or full-face) in good shape.
    • Eye-protection; glasses, sunglasses, goggles
    • Long-sleeved jacket that provides protection
    • Long pants, denim jeans or heavier fabric
    • Study, over-the-ankle footwear (cannot be cloth or canvass)
    • Full-fingered gloves suitable for motorcycle use
  3. You must bring proof of full-coverage motorcycle insurance. (Bring your policy’s declarations page. An insurance card is insufficient.)
  4. Your motorcycle/scooter must be 125cc or larger and pass a safety inspection, to include:
    • Tires and wheels (condition, tread, pressure)
    • Controls (condition, operation/position, routing)
    • Lights (lens and reflector condition, illumination/mirrors)
    • Oil level
    • Chassis (forks, swing arms, shocks, chain/belt/differential)

The OSC may be cancelled if weather conditions are unsafe. That decision will be made by the instructor at the beginning of class or any time during the class if the weather changes to an unsafe riding condition. If the class is cancelled before it begins a full refund or reschedule is available to the student. In the event the course needs to be stopped after it begins, we will reschedule the students into a later class at no extra charge, but we cannot refund any money once the class begins.


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