The dealers and retailers listed below support Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety’s training programs. Please consider them first when shopping for bikes or riding gear.

Links to Some Great Sites

Washington Road Riders Association – The Washington Road Riders Association is a Non-Profit Corporation, formed by motivated riders dedicated to the protection of motorcycling within the Legislative and Political arenas. The WRRA is actively involved in educating elected officials, both State and Federal, on a variety of motorcycling issues. We have developed a Pro-Active Legislative agenda.

Washington Department of Licensing, Washington Motorcycle Safety Program – Washington’s Motorcycle Safety Program home office.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation – MSF provides information on motorcycle rider training, operator licensing & government relations. It includes information on rider courses, riding gear, and motorcycle safety for riders of all ages.

The Truth About Washington Motorcycle Accidents – A book by Jason Epstein where you will find out what the insurance companies don’t want you to know. The book can be ordered from the website link for free. Jason Epstein is a personal injury attorney in Seattle, WA.

Best Scenic Routes – A rider resource for where to ride, eat, and what you can enjoy along the way. The site also reviews motorcycle related accessories and products that riders will find useful.

Sidecar/Trike Education Program – Evergreen Safety Council is the source for the Sidecar/Trike curriculum used throughout North America.

Northwest Cycle Report – A free bi-monthly internet newsletter filled with all the news and events that are happening around the area.

SoundRider! – An internet-only publication for the express purpose of enhancing your motorcycle experience here in the Northwest. We hope you’ll find this web publication a useful tool when planning your next ride and/or purchase.

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