Directions to our Training Sites


Please note: We have tried to be as accurate as possible with the directions/locations shown on this page. We cannot be responsible for what any other mapping programs (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Mapquest, etc.) may say. We KNOW for instance that if you use Google Maps with the address of our Sand Point classroom, Google will take you to the wrong building. We continue to try to work with online mapping program apps to make them more accurate.


Outlet Collection/Seattle (formerly known as SuperMall)

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1101 Outlet Collection Way
Auburn, WA

CLASSROOM LOCATION – Our classroom is located inside the Outlet Collection/Seattle. Enter the mall through the door next to LA Fitness and proceed straight ahead towards Book Warehouse. Turn right. Our classroom is the second door on the right and has a motorcycle in the window.

RANGE LOCATION – Our training range is located on the east side of the mall complex between the theater and Discount Tire, behind the Panda Express.



Apex Airpark

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6172 Apex Rd NW
Silverdale, WA

BOTH CLASSROOM AND TRAINING RANGE are located at the top of Apex Rd. The classroom is on the far side of the range area.



Sand Point Magnuson Park

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7400 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA

CLASSROOM LOCATION – To find our classroom, upon entering Magnuson Park at 74th Street, as soon as you go through the archway entrance, immediately turn right and park. Our classroom is on the 2nd floor in that arched building over the main entrance, to the right. There is a concrete stairway leading to up to a door on the back side of that building. Enter the building through that door and take the stairs immediately in front of you to the 2nd floor. The classroom will be in front of you once you’re at the top of the stairs. (NOTE: There should be a Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety banner hanging from the stairway railing in front of that outside door. Also, Magnuson Park requires us to lock that building entrance door once the class begins. If you arrive late, the door will be locked, and there is very little chance that you will be admitted to the classroom. PLEASE be on time.)

RANGE LOCATION – Our range (riding area) is on the east side of Hangar 27 at the north end of the park. Make an immediate left as you enter the park’s main entrance and follow that very bumpy road to the north and proceed through the underpass. As you exit the tunnel the range will be directly in front of you.



ADDRESS: 601 N. Sequim Ave.

CLASSROOM LOCATION: Our testing site is in the High School Library. Once parked in front of the High School, walk toward the single story building directly ahead of you. The building has a Library sign on the wall next to the double doors.

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