Got The Gear?

Before showing up for your first class, be sure to read our policies and required riding gear.

Required Gear

Both 2-wheel and 3-wheel

If you don’t want to take a class, you can opt to take the Written Test and the Riding Test at one of our training sites. When you pass a test we will give you the paperwork you need to take to the Dept of Licensing to get your Permit/Endorsement. You MUST sign up and pay for a test before the test is given. The test facilitators DO NOT take payment at the test site.

NO WALK IN TESTING – We do not have the facilities nor the manpower to offer walk-in service for the Written Test, you must take it at the scheduled testing sessions.

When you just take and pass a WRITTEN TEST with us, we will give you the paperwork to take to the Dept of Licensing where they will issue you a Motorcycle Permit that will make you legal on the public streets for 90 days. There are two restrictions: 1) no passengers, 2) no riding after dark. At the end of 90 days, if you think you are still not ready for the Riding Test, you can extend your permit for another 90 days. To get a third 90-day extension, you must show proof that you have signed up for a Motorcycle Safety Class.

After you take the Written Test for a Motorcycle Permit, you can come back at a later date to take your Riding Test. Upon successful passing of that test, we will give you the paperwork to take to the Dept of Licensing to get your full endorsment.

Your motorcycle MUST be street legal and able to pass a safety inspection.

You must wear a DOT approved helmet and have eye protection; face shield on helmet, glasses, sunglasses, goggles, safety glasses.

NOTE FOR SILVERDALE AND SAND POINT TESTERS: There is a Noise Restriction at both sites. Your motorcycle MUST have stock pipes (the exhaust system that was originally installed on the bike by the manufacturer). If you purchased your bike used, please verify that the exhaust system is stock before you show up at the testing site. We’ve had many customers show up with non-stock pipes, and they say, “But that’s what was on the bike when I bought it.” Just because you purchased it that way, even from a dealership, doesn’t mean the exhaust currently on it came from the bike manufacturer. To avoid disappointment at the site, please take this into consideration before you register for a Riding Test.

Written Test – $35 / Riding Test – $50


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