I need to get my motorcycle endorsement. What are my options?

What are Subsidized and Unsubsidized classes?

I’m a total beginner. What class should I take?

For 2-wheel riders: I already have some experience. Should I take the Intermediate Rider Training class or the Basic RiderCourse?

For 3-wheel riders: I already have some 3W experience. Should I take the Advanced Sidecar/Trike class or the Basic Sidecar/Trike class?

I’m under 18, can I still take a motorcycle class?

What must I bring to the course?

Do I bring my own motorcycle to the Basic RiderCourse™?

Do I need to have a Permit or Endorsement to bring my own motorcycle/scooter to a class?

Can I bring a borrowed bike to use in a class?

Do I need a helmet?

I already took the Written Test, why do I have to take it again in the class?

How much are the courses?

I already took the Basic RiderCourse™ but I’d like more riding time. Is there a course for that?

Where are the courses offered?

When are the courses offered?

Can I “stand by” for a course?

Can I “stand by” or just show up for an Endorsement Testing session?

Can I use my sidecar rig or trike in a Basic RiderCourse™ or Intermediate Rider Training?

If I pass the class will I get my endorsement from my Instructor?

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my class?

What about off-road motorcycle training?

Are there other locations for the training?

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