Classes will be held regardless of rain. Please come with the appropriate clothing (water proof/resistant jacket and pants or a change of clothes). This is especially important if you are in a 3-day class as you will be on the bikes in the morning until lunchtime and will be sitting in the classroom for the rest of the day.

Considering that most weather reports are for the “greater Seattle area” and weather in Seattle is actually very “localized”, the only time a class will be cancelled is when the instructor views the range and determines that the riding area will be unsafe by the time you get to the riding portion of the class. This is only a concern during periods of snow or ice on the range or if fog restricts visibility. You MUST show up for the class as usual. If you don’t show up and the class continues you will be counted as a “no-show” and your class fee will not be refunded. Most of the time, if there is snow/ice on the range, it melts off by noon. If unsafe conditions occur after the class has already started, we will arrange a make-up class for a later date only for students in the cancelled class. If you cannot attend the make-up class you will be given a one-time priority for a future class date.

Upon the rare occasions where snow/icy conditions have been occuring for several days, the office will cancel the class. We can only give you short notice of this, but, again, as above, you will be given priority for your next class date.



For this course, the same foul weather policy will apply. Cancellation of a class will be determined by the instructor upon assessing road conditions after arrival at the training site. You must still show up for your class. Even if the weather is predicted to be stormy “for the greater Seattle area”, we have no way to know until after we get there, if that will be true specifically for Auburn or Silverdale.

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