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Class Type: BRC 2day


Class start date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Class location: Silverdale

Class cost: $125.00     ($50.00 for students under 18)

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Terms and Conditions

I hereby confirm that:

  • I understand that IF I'm enrolling in a testing session only that there will be NO instruction given. I will be taking the test and nothing more. I further understand that if I fail to show up at all, or fail to show up on time, or cannot complete the written or skills test for any reason (I don't bring a valid drivers license for identification, my motorcycle won't pass the required safety inspection and/or my motorcycle has a non-stock exhaust system at the Silverdale or Sand Point testing sites, etc.), a re-booking fee will need to be paid to PNW Motorcycle Safety in order for me to come back and complete testing on a different day. If I complete but fail either test, I must register and pay the full registration fee again in order to retake the test(s).

    For classes (not an Endorsement Testing Session only)

  • I know how to ride a bicycle which is a prerequisite for both the First Ride and Basic Rider Course;
  • I understand I must attend all class sessions, and that if I don’t show up for a class at all, or if I am late
  • for any portion of a class I will be dismissed from the class and there will be no refund or credit of the class fee; nor will I be able to transfer my registration to another class (or class date) without paying the full registration fee again;
  • I understand if I want to cancel this class or move to a different class or class date, I must let PNW Motorcycle Safety know more than 8 days prior to the class start date/time to get any refund or credit of the class fee towards another class;
  • I understand that there is no guarantee that I will complete or graduate from this class. If I drop from the class voluntarily and/or if the Instructor, in his/her professional opinion, feels that I am not making progress in par with the rest of the class, and thus becoming a safety liability and counsels me out of the class, there will be no refund of the class fee;
  • I understand that if a written and/or riding test is included as part of the class, I must achieve 80% or higher on the written test and accrue no more than the maximum allowable points on the riding skills test in order to pass this class.
  • I understand that, in the event that I am unsuccessful in passing the written, riding or both tests included in any of the license endorsement waiver courses; my Instructor(s) will make a recommendation to the office as to whether I need further training or can simply retake the test(s).

Retests must be scheduled with the office by phone during normal business hours (9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri). The fee for a written retest is $35. The fee for a riding retest is $50. Written retests can be scheduled during any BRC or IRT. Riding retests are scheduled on specific, pre-planned days and times, approximately once every two weeks. You must pre-register and pre-pay for any/all retest(s). You can retest as often as necessary within the 90 days of your original class date. Once beyond the 90 day limit we cannot allow you to retest. I understand and agree to the prior statements by checking the box below.

I understand and agree to the prior statements by checking the box.

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