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Class Type: BRC 3day


Class start date: Thursday October 19, 2017

Class location: Sand Point

Class cost: $265.00     (These seats are UNSUBSIDIZED. No subsidy for students under 18 remains for this class)

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Terms and Conditions

I hereby confirm that:

  • I understand that IF I'm enrolling in a testing session only that there will be NO instruction given. I will be taking the test and nothing more. I further understand that if I fail to show up at all, or fail to show up on time, or cannot complete the written or skills test for any reason (I don't bring a valid drivers license for identification, my motorcycle won't pass the required safety inspection and/or my motorcycle has a non-stock exhaust system at the Silverdale or Sand Point testing sites, etc.), a re-booking fee will need to be paid to PNW Motorcycle Safety in order for me to come back and complete testing on a different day. If I complete but fail either test, I must register and pay the full registration fee again in order to retake the test(s).

    For classes (not an Endorsement Testing Session only)

  • I understand that if I'm registering for a class only a day or two before the class begins, that my completion card will most likely not be available at the end of the class and will have to be mailed to me after the class paperwork is delivered to the office, which could take up to 10 days.
  • I know how to ride a bicycle which is a prerequisite for both the First Ride and Basic Rider Course;
  • I understand I must attend all class sessions, and that if I don’t show up for a class at all, or if I am late
  • for any portion of a class I will be dismissed from the class and there will be no refund or credit of the class fee; nor will I be able to transfer my registration to another class (or class date) without paying the full registration fee again;
  • I understand if I want to cancel this class or move to a different class or class date, I must let PNW Motorcycle Safety know more than 8 days prior to the class start date/time to get any refund or credit of the class fee towards another class;
  • I understand that I must show up with suitable riding gear in order to participate in the class, and that if I don't have acceptable riding gear with me at the class, I will not be allowed to participate in the riding sessions, and will be dismissed from the class. NOTE: There will be no refund of the class fee, nor will I be able to register into another class without paying the full registration fee again if this happens. Please see this page of our website: for the required riding gear;
  • I understand that there is no guarantee that I will complete or graduate from this class. If I drop from the class voluntarily and/or if the Instructor, in his/her professional opinion, feels that I am not making progress on par with the rest of the class, or if I can't complete the class for health or safety reasons and I am sent home, there will be no refund of the class fee;
  • I understand that if a written and/or riding test is included as part of the class, I must achieve 80% or higher on the written test and accrue no more than the maximum allowable points on the riding skills test in order to pass this class.
  • I understand that, in the event that I am unsuccessful in passing the written, riding or both tests included in any of the license endorsement waiver courses; my Instructor(s) will make a recommendation to the office as to whether I need further training or can simply retake the test(s).

Retests must be scheduled with the office by phone during normal business hours (9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri). The fee for a written retest is $35. The fee for a riding retest is $50. Written retests can be scheduled during any BRC or IRT. Riding retests are scheduled on specific, pre-planned days and times, approximately once every two weeks. You must pre-register and pre-pay for any/all retest(s). You can retest as often as necessary within the 90 days of your original class date. Once beyond the 90 day limit we cannot allow you to retest. I understand and agree to the prior statements by checking the box below.

I understand and agree to the prior statements by checking the box.

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