Required Riding Apparel For All Classes

Helmet that meets DOT standards [NOTE: We do have helmets that you can use in the Basic RiderCourse, Intermediate Rider Training class, Basic Sidecar/Trike class, First Ride class and the Additional Riding Session. We have a limited supply of each size ranging from S to XXL. If you need a helmet outside that size range, you will need to supply your own.]

These boots, although marketed as Motorcycle Boots, are NOT appropriate. The DoL has stated that they are insufficiently “sturdy.”

Long Pants (jeans or heavier fabric, not loose fitting, must not have holes in the fabric)

Long Sleeves (weather appropriate, we will not stop the class for rain)

Eye Protection (glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses)

Sturdy Boots. Sturdy over the ankle footwear offering adequate ankle protection must be worn. It must completely cover the ankle bone (work boots, military boots, cowboy boots, light weight hiking boots, or riding boots are all acceptable). No canvas high-tops or slip-on-boots with elastic, or even partially elastic, ankle covering. No more than a 1-inch heel. (Shoes with a soft-rubber, tennis shoe style of sole are NOT acceptable.)

Gloves that cover entire hand (driving gloves, clean work gloves, riding gloves, they don’t have to be leather)

Required Riding Apparel For Testing Sessions

For Riding Testing sessions only, the required gear is the same as for general street riding – a helmet and eye protection. You must provide your own helmet and eye protection for Testing Sessions.

PNW Policies

The only prerequisite is that you must be able to ride a bicycle to take one of our classes.

Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety has a strict “8 days from the class” cancellation and/or reschedule policy. If you need to cancel your registration we must hear from you more than 8 days prior to the class start hour/date. If you don’t contact us or call more than 8 days before your class starts, any money paid for a class will be forfeited and there will be NO refunds.

Please do not be late for any class session. Washington state law requires that you must attend the entire class. Also if you are late for the beginning of the class there are usually stand-bys waiting to take your place. There will be NO refund of your class fee.

If a class you’re interested in is marked FULL, please check back at a later date, “cancellations happen” and will be reflected on the schedule.


QUESTIONS ON ANY OF THE ABOVE – call us at 360-779-6378

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