FEE: Written Test-$35.00 (2 or 3 wheels) / Riding Test-$50.00 (2 or 3 wheels)

Got The Gear?

Before showing up for your first class, be sure to read our policies and required riding gear.

Required Gear

10:00 am – 11:00 am – 2-wheel written testing
10:30 am – 11:30 am – 3-wheel written testing
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm – 2-wheel skill testing
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – 3-wheel skill testing

We do NOT offer walk-in testing. You must pre-register and pay for a test ahead of time. Payment can NOT be collected at test sites.

After you register, we will send an email confirmation with basic information. For written testing, you MUST be in the classroom by 10:00 am for 2-wheel testers and 10:30 am for 3-wheel testers. For riding tests, you MUST be on the range by 12:15 pm for 2-wheel or 1:45 pm for 3-wheel. This gives us time to have you sign all of the required paperwork and get your bike or rig through a safety inspection before the test begins.

Registration will be closed out by noon the day before the scheduled Testing Session.

You MUST ride your own motorcycle or 3-wheel rig for the riding tests.

NOTE FOR WRITTEN TESTS: There are several “practice tests” available on the internet. We’ve looked at several of them, and have yet to find one that was even remotely close to what is on the actual Washington written tests for either 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled motorcycles. However, the answers to every question on either of WA’s written tests can be found in the Dept. of Licensing’s “Motorcycle Operator Manual Two- and Three-Wheel” which is available at any DoL office and online at: http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/motoguides.html.
NOTE FOR SILVERDALE AND SAND POINT TESTERS: There is a Noise Restriction at both sites. Your motorcycle MUST have stock pipes (the exhaust system that was installed on the bike by the manufacturer). To avoid disapointment at the site, please take this into consideration before you register for a Riding Test.

REGISTER AND PAY ON-LINE by clicking the appropriate link below or call us at 360-779-6378

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