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Private Drive Lesson Packages

Whether you’re new to the United States and have moved from a place like India, Russia, China, or Europa, WMST has an adult drive package for you. We know how different those places are as our staff has driven there. You maybe an adult just learning to drive for the first time; that’s ok even the owners own mom learned at the young age of 50!

No matter if you're preparing for the Washington State test or not WMST has the staff and experience to set you up for success for today's challenging roads. Maybe you're an experienced driver looking to improve your driving abilities; our adult classes offer a variety of driving lessons to help prepare and improve your drive skills. WMST Drive focuses on the skills you need to be a successful and confident driver, not just the skills to pass the driver’s test.

Adult Classes are designed for drivers who are:

Our driver education includes up-to-date safety information and safe driving techniques to help you control tough driving situations. All of our cars are equipped with an automatic transmission and our instructors will help you assess your skills in a safe, friendly one on one environment. There are different drive packages depending on your needs.

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