There’s a new course in town!! PNW Motorcycle Safety is proud to be the only school in Washington offering the latest version of MSF’s Basic RiderCourse with all new exercises. Do you want the best? Only we have it! We made the investment in additional training for all of our Instructors to be able to offer you the best!

Class Fees

SUBSIDIZED Classes - $125 with WA Driver’s License or Active Duty Military. Note: If you are under the age of 18, you pay $50.00 for a subsidized seat. Also Note - For Students Under 18, you must be accompanied on the first day of class by a parent or legal guardian who must sign the Liability Statement with the instructor as witness. UNSUBSIDIZED Classes – Some classes, or seats within classes, will be at an UNSUBSIDIZED rate of up to $279 due to the limited subsidy funding available from the DoL. Everyone who registers for these classes, regardless of age, will pay the unsubsidized rate listed on the registration page. Out of State Driver’s License - $279. Call the office to register for a class. Please see our FAQ page for a description/explanation of the difference between Subsidized and Unsubsidized seats in a class.

Class Times

          *ending times are approximate

Got The Gear?

Before showing up for your first class, be sure to read our policies and required riding gear.
2-DAY FORMAT: 8am-Lunch in the CLASSROOM, Lunch -6pm* on the RANGE both days 3-DAY FORMAT: Day 1 - 6pm-9pm* in the CLASSROOM, Day 2 - 8am-Lunch on the RANGE, Lunch-6pm* in the CLASSROOM , Day 3 8am-1pm* on the RANGE 3-day weekend BRCs always start with Day 1 on Thursday evening. Day 2 is Saturday, and Day 3 is Sunday. 3-day weekday BRCs start with an evening session on Day 1 followed the next day with an all day session (8AM -- 6PM), and the third day from approximately 8AM until 2PM. You do NOT need a motorcycle permit to take this class. The Basic RiderCourse is for beginning riders. It begins with “This is a motorcycle.” and progresses through basic skills training, street survival strategies, and some advanced skills training. Pacific NorthWest Motorcycle Safety teaches this course in both two day and three day sessions (see schedule above). There is no difference in the classes except for class times. There is also no difference in the curriculum regardless of the price of the class. Students must successfully pass both a written test and a skill test (included in the class) to pass this course for “2-wheeled only” motorcycle permit. If needed and upon the recommendation of the instructor, you will be able to do a retest of the written and/or the skill test. Fees for testing are $40 for a written retest or $50 for a skill retest. You will also get unlimited retests, paying for each one, within 90 days of the original date of your Basic RiderCourse. We cannot guarantee that you will complete or graduate this class. You cannot be late for any portion of this class. We cannot and will not “catch you up”. The curriculum does not allow the time to do this. Students usually take the course on our motorcycles (see our FAQ pages for exceptions). If you are interested in taking the Basic RiderCourse on one of our scooters or you want to ride your own, we need to know when you register. If a class you’re interested in is marked FULL, please check back at a later date, “cancellations happen” and will be reflected on the schedule immediately. We also accept “stand-by’s”. Go to our FAQ page to see how to do this. NOTE: A class may be canceled if there are less than 4 students. We will usually make this decision 2 business days before a class starting date. *all ending class times are approximate and are dependent on class size, how well/quickly students are learning on the motorcycles and class participation in the classroom. A full class (12 students) may take the full times posted or it may be over earlier for the reasons already stated. A class that is not full will almost never take as long as a full class. We have provided a “worst case scenario” ending time for the class for your planning purposes.