PNW Motorcycle Safety is proud to be the only school in Washington offering the latest MSF curriculum exercises for this class. We made the investment in additional training for all of our Instructors to be able to offer you the best!

Class Fee: Up to $175

          (This is an Unsubsidized class)

Note For Students Under 18: You must be accompanied on the first day of class by a parent or legal guardian who must sign the Liability Statement with the instructor as witness.

CLASS TIMES: Morning – 9:00am-6:00pm* (unless otherwise noted on the schedule page) *ending times are approximate

Got The Gear?

Before showing up for your first class, be sure to read our policies and required riding gear.
The Returning Rider/Refresher Training is an 8 to 9-hour course designed for riders who have recent motorcycle experience but no endorsement, or for those people returning to riding after a few years of not being on a motorcycle. If you're not sure whether or not this is the right course for you please see our FAQ page. You may ride our bikes in this course, so if you are just returning to the sport and don't have your own bike yet, we will have one for you. Or you could ride your own bike. This course assumes that you have some motorcycle experience, so it does NOT teach the basics that are taught in the Basic RiderCourse. Students will go through familiarization on the motorcycle, then must demonstrate skills in shifting and stopping, and must perform a control skills exercise (offset weaves and clutch control) to the satisfaction of the instructors. Any student unable to demonstrate sufficient skills in the first exercise will be advised to register in the Basic RiderCourse. Students must successfully pass both a written test and a skill test (both tests must be taken in the class, regardless of any prior testing) to pass this course for a "2-wheeled only" motorcycle permit. If needed and upon the recommendation of the instructor, you will be able to retest the written and/or the skills test. Fees for testing are $40 for a written retest and $50 for a skill retest. You will also get unlimited retests, paying for each one, within 90 days of the original date of your Returning Rider/Refresher class. You cannot be late for any portion of this class. We cannot and will not "catch you up". The curriculum does not allow the time to do this. If you want to ride this class on your personal motorcycle/scooter, the following must be provided for instructor inspection when you get to the class: Proof of insurance on your motorcycle/scooter (your name must be on the insurance card), Proof of ownership (your registration with your name on it will work), Your motorcycle must be street legal and able to pass a safety inspection. THE SILVERDALE SITE HAS A NOISE RESTRICTION, SO ANY MOTORCYCLE RIDDEN IN CLASSES THERE MUST HAVE A STOCK EXHAUST SYSTEM. NOTE: A class may be canceled if there are less than 4 students. We will usually make this decision 2 business days before a class starting date.